The Tim Hunt Reporting Was False. Royal Society, Please Give Him Due Process

Further to my open letter…


UPDATE: New photo  by journalist eyewitness Natalia Demina  – shows Sir Tim and the Koreans with him smiling just as journalist Timothy Dimacali’s photo did. Just look at the poor man – and remind yourselves that Connie St. Louis said ‘he wasn’t joking at all’ ‘everybody was stony faced’ and Deborah Blum wrote ‘Before his attempts to pass it of as humour he told his co-panelist something else entirely’ ‘I asked him if he was joking and he just elaborated. Sigh’

If you are a scientist or academic, please email, with your name and university,,

President of the Royal Society, and

and ask them to state publicly that there is no evidence Sir #TimHunt ever made a sexist joke, or is a sexist. UCL Council meets on July 9th.

You may wish to point out that his statement on R4 Today was heavily edited and we do not know what…

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