Fitness and the New Year

A new year, a new fitness program. Or perhaps, my first earnest attempt at following a fitness program. In any case, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to monitor and improve my health.

So what is this program? It’s called 5 Basic Exercises, or 5BX for short. A program created by the Canadian Air Force, it is incremental and has a focus on consistently doing just a little bit every day to achieve results.

So why did I choose it? Its main attractions were that I had heard of it already, and that it seems perfect for students. Why is it good for students? Well:

  • It doesn’t take much time: it’s designed to be completed in 11 minutes each day.
  • It doesn’t require any equipment, or very much space. The exercises can be completed in student accommodation!

If that sounds interesting to you, a starting point might be a PDF scan of the original document published by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional, so this information is just that – information. You should obviously consult a health professional if you have any doubts!


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